Murals and wall art

Especially in his murals Govert Muijs takes the opportunity to totally use the available space. Govert always wants to break out of the boundaries. At the same time he tries to let the mural communicate with existing real objects in the assigned space, using suggestive three-dimensional techniques.

During mural projects there always is a lot of communication with the client. Also a lot of sketching is done, to see if the painting will fit on the wall and how it can and may be integrated in the available space.

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My paintings differentiate theirself by having the frame painted. It appears to be almost real and you can let people step from one painting into the other. The frame limits the Portrait, the subject wants to break through this limitation. This results in 'life' being possible outside of the frame and in better contact with the public.

Also with my Murals you can see that the painted subjects make contact with the real world. By painting realistically the subject takes you along.


  • TV show RTL 4
  • Natuurmonumenten (nature trust fund Netherlands)
  • NOB (national broadcast)
  • Videoland Wageningen (video store)
  • Han Peekel Produkties (TV production copany)
  • Landbouw Hogeschool Wageningen (agricultural university)
  • Television programm 't Klokhuis (educational youth TV)
  • Television programm Memories