Govert Muijs, portrait artist & painter

My name is Govert Muijs and I was born in 1956 in Hilversum (Netherlands). After finishing painting school Nimeto in Utrecht, I have been educated as an art teacher. After that I started working on commercials and advertisements. For example, I made painting vignettes and logos on signs along football fields. All by hand, but with the right proportions. At the time this was a real profession and required a lot of skills. This work is now mostly done with computers.

The past twenty years I have been active as an artist and painter. During these years I've developed my own style. My experience as an advertising painter and set (decor) painter came in handy. Although I like to work on all kinds of subjects, these days I mostly work on portraits and murals. Besides the realization of my own ideas, I do a lot of commissioned work. Freel free to contact me for any project!

Other activities:

  • Member of the advisory committee for art in Bussum
  • Member of board of the artist association in Laren & Blaricum
  • Member of the artist association Artes in Bussum.

My work differentiates itself by having the frame painted. It appears to be almost real and you can let people step from one painting in to the other. The frame limits the Portrait, the subject wants to break through this limitation. This results in 'life' being possible outside of the frame and in better contact with the public. Consider the frame as a window, where, for example, on the other side of the glass a window cleaner cleans the window. Also with my Murals you can see that the painted subjects make contact with the real world. By painting realistically the subject takes you along.


  • TV show RTL 4
  • Natuurmonumenten (nature trust fund Netherlands)
  • NOB (national broadcast)
  • Videoland Wageningen (video store)
  • Han Peekel Produkties (TV production copany)
  • Landbouw Hogeschool Wageningen (agricultural university)
  • Television programm 't Klokhuis (educational youth TV)
  • Television programm Memories